Cabrini Eldercare

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From the Saw Mill River Parkway North:

Take the Saw Mill River Parkway, pass through the Yonkers area, going North. Exit at Farragut Parkway exit #12, (you can only go left at this point). Continue on Farragut Parkway as it turns into Broadway (Route 9). You will pass through 4 traffic lights, always bear to the right. St. Cabrini is approximately 1 mile from the 4th light on the left-hand side.

From the Major Deegan, Route 87, North:

Exit and proceed on the Saw Mill River Parkway North and follow above.


From the Major Deegan, Route 87, North:

Exit at the first exit past the toll in Westchester, Exit: Ardsley. Make a right at the end of the exit ramp. Proceed to the traffic light and make a left onto Ashford Avenue. Continue on Ashford Avenue for seven lights. (At the fifth light, Ashford Avenue turns into Route 9/South Broadway- just continue straight). St. Cabrini is just past the seventh light on your right hand side.

From the Saw Mill River Parkway South:

Take the Saw Mill River Parkway South to the exit for Ardsley/Dobbs Ferry. Go straight upon exiting (you will be going west on Ashford Avenue.) In the town of Dobbs Ferry, Ashfor Avenue becomes Broadway. (This is a major intersection: Mobil is on one corner, Sacred Heart Church is on the other). Proceed straight going South on Broadway (Route 9). St. Cabrini is approximately 3/4 of a mile from this intersection on the right hand side.

From 287 West, Cross Westchester Expressway:

Take 287 West to 87 South to the Saw Mill River Parkway South and follow directions above.


From 287 West:

Exit at the last exit before the Tappan Zee Bridge, Exit #9, Tarrytown/Route9. At the traffic light, make a left onto Route 119 West for approximately .2 miles and make a left onto Route 9 South (Broadway). Continue on Route 9 South for three miles. As you enter the village of Dobbs Ferry (large Mobil station on the left, Sacred Heart Church on the right), make a right, keeping with Route 9/Broadway. St Cabrini is about 3/4 of a mile on your right hand side.

Metro North:

Using Metro North, take the train from Grand Center Terminal to the Dobbs Ferry Station. St. Cabrini is a short taxi drive from the station.

Cabrini Eldercare

115 Broadway, Dobbs Ferry, NY 10522 •
Tel: (914) 693-6800

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