Cabrini Eldercare

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Short Term Rehab:

“My sister Margaret M. resided at Cabrini for about seven weeks with a torn ligament in her knee. It seemed an impossibility that she would walk again mostly because of her illness that has plagued her all her life. The constant encouragement from Imee and Margo at therapy, trying to understand how to get the best effort from Margaret, from pulling her up to a standing position to taking a few steps, to using a walker and finally to stop using the wheelchair as a crutch-wow-was a herculean task. They never gave up, only looked to ways to motivate Margaret. What a beautiful, caring and even holy place where everyone treated my sister with kindness and dignity. Even today Margaret attends the Cabrini Adult Day Center and continues to be a part of such a caring community where the dignity of each person is recognized. I thank God for all of you.”

 “Mark Twain once said, ‘Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.’ I say it is also the language of Cabrini! Thank you for your gentle persuasion, professional craft and genuine concern for the patients’ progress. A special thanks to Anand for my road to recovery.”

 Skilled Nursing Facility:

 “When my Aunt first entered your facility, her prognosis was extremely grim. By all records she was wasting away and we were told repeatedly by a variety of medical professionals who were then tending to her care, that her time was at hand. It was our intent to make, what we thought were her last days, as comfortable as possible. It was with that intent that we sought out and chose St. Cabrini for her care. And now eight months later we are absolutely amazed at what your team was able to accomplish for her. We have witnessed her return to life; her quality of life, substantially improved. Though she remains paralyzed, the marked improvement in her clarity of thought, her weight gain, and an overall return to herself as we knew her, is nothing less than astonishing. Perhaps more so is the fact that she is no longer on the barrage of pharmaceuticals that had been prescribed for her prior to her admittance at St. Cabrini. There is no doubt that the care she received at St. Cabrini is of the utmost quality. The attention she’s received has been second to none. Please continue the outstanding care you provide which nourishes not only the body, but the soul as well. Your efforts are recognized and very much appreciated.”


“I was thankful to leave my Mom in an environment of comfort and safety. The staff at Cabrini was very helpful, warm and caring. It was absolutely wonderful to go on vacation and leave the anxiety and stress behind knowing that Mom was in a first-class facility.”

Home Care:

 “The nurses from Cabrini are wonderful, and always have been. I am thankful to receive such excellent care in the comfort and privacy of my own home.”

“The care is wonderful, the staff is excellent at what they do, and I know they truly care about me.”

“The Cabrini Care at Home staff is lovely—they are great and honest people. I sure would recommend Cabrini Care at Home to others.”

Cabrini Immigrant Services:

 “Cabrini is a part of my life in this country. I have been given the tools I need to survive in this completely different society, and as part of this community. They support my ability to raise my children in America.”

"Cabrini Immigrant Services has helped me so much through the years. The people there really care and genuinely want my children and me to succeed. I always know the center is there whenever I need support."


Cabrini Eldercare

115 Broadway, Dobbs Ferry, NY 10522
Tel: (914) 693-6800

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